Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Hello Nigerians and the world, once again my name is Okechukwu, a +100 guider in mmm Nigeria. Each and every time that i want to appreciate this community for the help they give to me, words alone indeed do fail me. I provided help to some one in the community with #1,000,000 sometime in may and on the 28th of June I requested help from the community of the sum of #2,121,000 and i was paid all the money right into my bank account by different participants. Thank you mmm Nigerian and from the dept of my heart i want to say thank you Sir Sergey Mavrodi for impacting our lives and opening our eyes to our unmatched potential as a people and a community. That we can achieve a lot more together. Long live mmm around the globe, long live mmm nigeria

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