Tuesday, 5 July 2016

MMM Nigeria Pays ONWUCHEKWA OWOH N5.692M in Port Harcourt

Hi Mavrodians, my name is Owoh, a 1K + guider based in PHC, Nigeria. MMM indeed pays! Between 14th and 23rd of June, 2016, I provided help in the total sum of N1.8M. And on the 26th of same month, requested to get help of the sum of 5,692,000 NGN. Without a doubt, all cash was fully deposited into my bank account in record time. Many thanks to Nigeria MMM community.


  1. Hmm this great. Whao sharp man. The earlier with big sum the better,then stop
    Rich getting richer.
    The poor PH in thousands and will get caught when filling the space acquired by the rich.
    How I wish I have millions.chai see me Am still doing thousands

  2. Fatoki be patient, you will get there. With MMM, we are all going to be millionaires, its only a matter of time.

  3. I'd like to warn participate about this Owoh Onwuchekwa guy,who despite having benefitted from the goodwill of MMM has decided to abscond with my sister's 160k.My sis was paired to pay him but could not upload the teller before the time elapsed,Hw has refused to take her calls n has been paired with other innocent participants who may lose their money to this guy like my sis.pls spread the word and stop this guy before he scams others. Thank you

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